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The Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS) has made it easier than ever before to file trademark applications online. However, with the ease of electronic filing comes the responsibility of understanding the consequences of your application. One of these consequences is the requirement to sign a TMep consent agreement.

What is a TMep Consent Agreement?

The Trademark Manual of Examining Procedure (TMep) is a set of guidelines used by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to evaluate trademark applications. A TMep consent agreement is a legal document that an applicant must sign as part of the trademark application process. The agreement is designed to ensure that the applicant understands the procedures and policies outlined in the TMep before submitting their application.

Why is a TMep Consent Agreement Required?

The TMep outlines the procedures and policies used by the USPTO to evaluate trademark applications. This includes rules regarding the classification of goods and services, the use of trademarks in commerce, and the evaluation of trademark similarity. The USPTO requires applicants to sign a TMep consent agreement to ensure that they understand these procedures and policies before they submit their application.

What Does the TMep Consent Agreement Include?

The TMep consent agreement includes a statement that the applicant has read and understands the TMep. It also requires the applicant to agree to follow the rules and procedures outlined in the TMep. The agreement also includes a warning that the USPTO may refuse registration of a trademark application that does not conform to the TMep.

How to Sign a TMep Consent Agreement

To sign a TMep consent agreement, applicants must check a box on the TEAS application form certifying that they have read and understand the TMep. The applicant must also type their name into a signature box, which serves as their electronic signature.


Filing a trademark application is an important step in protecting your brand. However, it is crucial to understand the procedures and policies outlined in the TMep before submitting an application. By signing a TMep consent agreement, applicants acknowledge their understanding of these procedures and policies, and agree to follow them. This ensures that their application is in compliance with USPTO rules and has the best chance of approval.